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Teddy's Essay on Theodore Roosevelt

Theodor Suciu
President Essay

Theodore Roosevelt: Our 26th President

Theodore Roosevelt was a great president. He was born in New York, on October 27,1866. His parents lived in New York and were very rich people.
When he was a child, he was very sick. When he got a little older, he learned to box and other activities and soon he was very strong. He went to a school called Harvard University, later he went to Columbia Law School.
When he was grown up he married a woman named Alice Hathaway .Two days after Theodore’s daughter was born, both his mother and wife died on the same day and in the same the house.
This made him so sad that he went out into the West to be a cattle rancher. A Sheriff made him a deputy. Theodore caught two thieves and brought them to justice. These thieves stole a riverboat from him .A big storm killed all of his cattle so he left the West and went back to New York.
He built a house and named it Sagamorhill on Long Island .He became secretary of the Navy. When a war broke out with Spain, he led a group to fight in the Spanish American War, called The Rough Riders.
He became the Republican governor of New York. He later became vice president of McKinley .He became president because McKinley was shot and died. When McKinley died, Theodore was camping with his family until a runner told that McKinley was dead.
When he was president, he did several important things .He went after Monopolies and sued 44 companies that were behaving unfairly and he was known as Trust Buster.
He liked the outdoors and wanted to preserve beautiful places like forests, lakes, mountains, and volcanoes. He set up the National Park System. This system is still working today .
He built the Panama Canal so the U.S. Navy and other ships can go through much quicker from the Atlantic to the Pacific .We still use the Panama Canal today.
His father was a Democrat but Theodore liked Abraham Lincoln so much that he became a Republican and put Abraham Lincoln on the penny. Theodore died in his sleep at Sagamorhill.