Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Julius Caesar- a Play by Theodor

Prophet says: "The Great Hero of Rome" is a story of a hero named Julius Caesar how he helped Rome." (Prophet walks off the stage. Then Brutus and the rest and Caesar go on the stage)

Brutus says: "We shall begin this meeting. So Caesar how are your travels?"

Caesar says: "Oh fine. I'll tell you my secret (all the senators listen very close) veni, vidi, vici"

One of the senators: "What! This one your own sayings that you want to get us fired and then rule Rome alone! (an argument breakes out).

Senators (half): "He's right."

Senators (half): "He's wong."

Brutus : "Stop! We must not argue. Let's continue."

Caesar: "So I was saying my secret is veni, vidi, vici and a book all about my travels I've been writing."

Brutus: "Where do you plan to go next?"

Caesar: "I'm going to Britain next week."

Brutus: "Let's make a law. That togas must be worn."

Senators and Julius Caesar: "Here Here!"

(next week) Roman army camping.

Soldiers: "Caesar Caesar! We are being attacked by the Britains."

They're fighting. Rome wins. Everyone hold their weapons up and says: "Victoria!"

(All the actors go on the stage and bow or curtsy)

The end

Friday, January 5, 2007

My Ski Adventure

It was a great day and I just couldn't wait to ski. In a few hours we went to the ski station and got skis. It took forever. We waited half an hour then finally we got out of the line. First we ate then we skied. We skied for hours. Then we drank hot cocoa.
The last hour the Magic Carpet was so slippery, when I got on it I couldn't even move. So I had to climb the hill. Then we went home.

Battle in Seattle

A few days ago, there was a basketball game called "Battle in Seattle" . Gonzaga was playing with Nevada. I was there with my dad, my brother, my teacher and two of her friends.
Gonzaga won the first round but Nevada won the last round. Nevada had 63 points and Gonzaga had 56 points.
At the last round it was a sad game because Nevada won the game.

Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Happy New Year

This is the best day yet and it's a new year.My dad, Dominic, made a fire and bought fire works. Me and the other children played with the fire, played on my club house, watched "The Incredibles" and "Looney Tunes", played "Flight Simulator", watched fire works and played with shiny lights on sticks, you can touch it but don't touch the middle because you will burn.