Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Julius Caesar- a Play by Theodor

Prophet says: "The Great Hero of Rome" is a story of a hero named Julius Caesar how he helped Rome." (Prophet walks off the stage. Then Brutus and the rest and Caesar go on the stage)

Brutus says: "We shall begin this meeting. So Caesar how are your travels?"

Caesar says: "Oh fine. I'll tell you my secret (all the senators listen very close) veni, vidi, vici"

One of the senators: "What! This one your own sayings that you want to get us fired and then rule Rome alone! (an argument breakes out).

Senators (half): "He's right."

Senators (half): "He's wong."

Brutus : "Stop! We must not argue. Let's continue."

Caesar: "So I was saying my secret is veni, vidi, vici and a book all about my travels I've been writing."

Brutus: "Where do you plan to go next?"

Caesar: "I'm going to Britain next week."

Brutus: "Let's make a law. That togas must be worn."

Senators and Julius Caesar: "Here Here!"

(next week) Roman army camping.

Soldiers: "Caesar Caesar! We are being attacked by the Britains."

They're fighting. Rome wins. Everyone hold their weapons up and says: "Victoria!"

(All the actors go on the stage and bow or curtsy)

The end